Box Maker, Box Maker, Make a Box

I went over to Alicia's yesterday after Bible Study and she enlisted me to make a few small cardstock boxes as a "trial run" to see how long it would take for the craft for MOPS on Thursday. I was having so much fun...I didn't want to leave. Box-making is probably the love child of oragami, which, I am assuming came first (but really, I don't know). I think hand-making a box adds such a personal touch to any gift or what have you. needless to say I am looking forward to Thursday morning at MOPS.

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  1. Sounds like an awsome craft. In a class I took last spring I learned how to make boxes out of sturdy wrapping paper, etc. It was really fun and I loved embelishing them. You and Alicia should come over for crafts sometime =). It's just a $250, 2 hour plane trip away =)-