Dishwasher Nazi

I was having a conversation with Alicia this past weeknd and I realized that I am a dishwasher nazi. This is a little bit of my recently developed Type A personality and my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Can you develop such things later in life? Or did I always have these tendencies and they were just hidden in childhood, waiting to rear their ugly heads? Anyway, back to the dishwasher. I realized that I have a certain way that I like to load the dishwasher. It has a lot to do with efficiency and order. For instance...I put all the dishes facing the same direction and they are grouped by likeness (all the blue bowls together in a row, then the white ones). I put all the short glasses on one side and the long ones on the other side. If someone has put something in the dishwasher that is "out of place", I will work to rearrange it. I face all my silverware up and all the same utensils go together. I group all misc. things together by what drawer they go in in the kitchen. This is something that I actually care about and it bothers me to see it otherwise. I feel a sense of disorder if it isn't "perfect". My theory is that it makes it all easier to put away. It's sick, I know. The other OCD thing I have started to do is to color code my hanging wardrobe..Pinks with Pinks and and blacks with, well, you get the picture.

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  1. OCD indeed! ;o)
    You know... Martha Stewart suggests putting silverware in different directions so that they don't get "spooned" together during washing....? And I started doing it after reading it in her magazine.