Gobble til ya Wobble and Crap on a Stick

Gobble til ya Wobble. That was the saying on a sign that was part of the loser's prize for Bunco on Tuesday night (although...it was a pretty cute sign-not for losers). And although I won the most "smiles" and recieved a nifty chai tea and mug set...there was a dark shadow cast over my evening by a police officer. Oh, Crap on a Stick (to quote Wendy). Yes, unfortunately I got a ticket. I know the area like the back of my hand. I mean I went to High School just down the street. Yet, I had to stop way past the line, back up, pull forward again and then forget to signal as I turned. All the while, the was a cop behind be about 300 yards....not good. He seemed like he thought I was a real idiot. I tried to think of ways to get out of the ticket. None came to mind. I couldn't even use the "pretty and coy" thing (not that I ever have used that to my advantage...)-I mean he was pretty good looking himself-so I am sure that kind of thing doesn't work for him (This all sounds pretty superficial, I know-how pathetic am I?). All that to say that I am now the proud owner of a traffic ticket-my first in about 5 years. The last one was for speeding. I haven't decided whether or not to absorb the ticket onto my liscense or to go to traffic school- I can't really afford either one. Tickets suck.


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