A place called home...

Trevor and I are now the proud renters of an adorable apartment in uptown Whittier across from Whittier College. Let's hear a big WOO-HOO! for this momentous occasion. It has been 10 months in the making/waiting and we are finally there. It's 2 bed, 1 bath, complete with the original cabinets and tile in the kitchen and bath. We have already become acquainted with or neighbor, Larry. He is an older gentleman with a spitfire personality and he loves to talk. So, we are looking forward to this change and it will be such a blessing to be so close to Trevor's School/Work. The kids home course is at the College!


  1. Congratulations!! It sounds really cute, and wonderful that it is close to Trevor's school/work.

  2. Email me the address... We'll be only a few block away I bet! I'm so glad you guys found a place. The area seems to be really nice and convenient in a lot of ways.