Where the...? What the...?

So, I have been away for awhile. We moved a little over a a week ago and I have been waiting for our phone situation to be handled at the house. The DSL is finally ready, so we will be transferring the computer to Whittier. Ah, Whittier. I love it there so far. I have discovered that many of my church friends live close by and of course Trevor's work is just a mile away. This past week the kids and I walked him to School in the morning and he was able to come home for lunch!

In other news, I went to a card-making workshop hosted by my friend Alicia through her church this morning. I helped in the preparation and I was only able to go because there was someone to watch the kiddies. Otherwise I would have missed out on this super fun experience! I could go on and on about how talented Alicia is...It was not only creative and fun, but was really fluid in terms of activity and how much time there was to work on the cards. There was also plenty of advice and help from the other ladies and I enjoyed getting to know the women of her church more! They are all a great group of women.

Trevor is picking up more and more days as a sub for Whittier High School and he is still plugging away at Spagetti Factory. Today he is coaching the X-Country Runners at a Meet and then He works tonight...crazy!


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