100 Things

Per Wendy's not-so-recent post, I thought I would share a little too

100 things about me

1. I hate doing the dishes
2. When I say hate, I mean loath.
3. Someone just lit a multitude of Firecrackers off nextdoor to our apartment.
4. I called the Police.
5. I am not above calling the Police for just about anything I think is even remotely an emergency.
6. I am not above calling the Pediatrician for anything I think is remotely an emergency.
7. My 2 children have each been to the emergency room once.
8. My husband is a cross country coach for high school kids
9. I have a daughter.
10.She is 22 months old
11. She loves to dance
12. I love to dance.
13. And I love to sing.
14. I wish I wasn't so scared of singing a solo
15. I love to sing in the car at the top of my lungs
16. I bought Britney Spears first CD when it came out
17. I still own it.
18. Les Miserables is my favorite Musical
19. Ragtime is my second favorite
20. I love to post on my blog
21. I always wanted to have a journal that I knew people would read.
22. I love to give gifts.
23. I love to get gifts.
24. I think gift giving is my primary "Love Language"
25. I have a son.
26. He is 7 months old.
27. His smile melts my heart.
27. Christmas is my favorite Holiday
28. I think it may be related to why I love gift-giving so much.
29. I love to Scrapbook
30. I wish I had more free time to spends hours upon hours scrapbooking
31. I love to cook.
32. I am still learning how to cook.
33. I love to try new recipes.
34. I want to learn how to sew.
35. I want to sew curtains.
36. I want to sew clothes for my kids.
37. I even bought patterns for sewing (still don't know how to sew).
38. I want to act again someday.
39. I think I am a good actress.
40. I don't think I am a great actress.
41. I think Jennifer Aniston is an under-reated actress.
42. I also think Mariah Carey is an under-rated actress.
43. Glitter really is the worst movie ever made.
44. My husband is a great dancer.
45. He is also a good kisser.
46. He is not a good nurse.
47. Don't ever get sick around him.
48. I love to watch Golf with my Dad
49. I prefer to watch baseball live and in my parents box seats
50. That sounds really snobbish ( is snobbish a word?)

to be continued....

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  1. That's really neat! I can't wait for your next 50! I'll need to do that on my blog!