Adventures in Bronchitis: The Saga of the Sickie Syberts

It has been a weary journey through the Land of Sickness. The Evil Over Lord "Bronchitis" and his off-spring "Broncholitis" have ravaged our household.

Last night at 10:30pm Kya awoke from her seemingly peaceful slumber to hacking and wheezing and gagging and rapid breathing. She had a mild fever. I rang the nurse advise line to double check what I need to do to comfort and they recommended bringing her in to check out the wheezing and rapid breathing. Lo and Behold, after many a test later, Kya has Bronchitis as well. They gave her a breathing treatment of medicine iffused air so that she would sleep better and then a perscription of the same stuff in liquid form. They seemed to want to rule out Asthma and kept asking me all sorts of questions related to it. They thought it strange that she had wheezing and no history of asthma in the family. So, finally at 3:30am Kya and I got back from the hospital...6:30 rolls around. Luke is up and ready to eat! we get through the morning and then head off to get me checked out by a Doctor. He suspects pnuemonia after listening to my lungs. 2 X-rays and 2 cranky kids later...No Pnuemonia-Diagnoses-Bronchitis! Big Suprise there. After going to Three seperate doctors regarding the same issue I have become a little more educated about this particular illness. Bronchitis is most often developed from a cold. But this is not the only way to get it-another way-direct contact with an infected person/child/object. There are two types: Viral and Bacterial. Both can develop from a cold. The difference depends on the the length and severeity of the illness, the height of the fever and mostly by litening to the lungs. The biggest thing I learned is that you are still contagious with viral or bacterial bronchitis. With the help of antibiotics you will get rid of the bacterial form. The viral one needs to just ride itself out. All three doctors stressed the importance of not re-infecting everyone. I have previously though this was not possible. They stated that while you may not get the exact same virus/infection...just like we build up healthy antibodies to fight off illness-the disease mutates and becomes a different strain of the same illness, with the same symptoms. So, we have probably been re-infecting each other for over a month (Starting with Trevor.) The final result:

Bacterial Bronchitis: Kya, then Luke and Michelle
Viral Bronchitis: Trevor, then Michelle, then Kya
Ear Infection: Luke

this little illness is booger!


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