Eternal Sickness of the Spotless Mind

The children and I are just getting a handle on this cold/bronchitis that we have been passing around for over a week now. Kya, yet again, had a fever over night. 102.5! That's the highest she has ever had. I know it's not that high, but i get scared for her when she is burning up. I was never one to have fevers growing up, so it is a learning experience for me with my children. We took Luke to the Doctor again, because his fever had not gone down after the antibiotics. It was a good thing we did bring him in, he has an infection in his left ear! Doctor Rueben said that when his immune system was compromised by the bronchitis, he developed the infection! Geeze Louise! I still haven't gone to the doctor yet. i have had a fever for a while now. This morning is the first morning in a few days where we have all felt mildly decent.


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