I Must Emote

Maybe it is because I am immuno-compromised, or maybe it is hormones from PMS or maybe it is just that I am moved- but I have to tell you about my beautiful daughter.

Je Suis Enchante (I am Enchanted).

Tonight Kya and I had the better part of 1 1/2 hours together. She is a delight! She has been cranky lately due to her illness. However, in this one and a half hours we laughed and giggled together, we drew pictures on coloring paper, we built blocks together, she sat in my arms and drank her bottle. I gave her a bath and she splashed away! Watching her play is a marvelous wonder. She is learning so much. Her perfect little mouth watched mine as we sing the ABC song together ans she tries to imitate me. She kicks up her legs behind her as we lay on the floor to color. She holds her ear and says "owie". She has these soft blue eyes and soft fine hair...She is a jewel to treasure. I love it when she wants to be with me because she thinks I am fun. She wants to sit next to while I read her a book, making sure to swing her legs onto my lap and lean her head into the crook of my arm. She is so vulnerable with her wheezing and coughing and I am moved with compassion when she cups her little hand over her mouth to cough and then winces because it hurts. She is my precious little girl. I love to watch her eyes light up when she sees "Bob the Tomato" and to hear the squeel in her voice as she says "Bob!" I love to watch her watching us as we pray before dinner. I love when she holds out her little hand because she wants to walk not just beside me, but with me. And I love when I put her to be and she wants to take the book we just read to bed with her, not to read it, but to just hold it. Tonight, for the first time, she said "Ni, Ni, Mommy". Oh, how my heart is filled with tenderness! This is my daughter. I have a daughter.

Yes, I am enchanted.


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