So many new changes...

My dad and step-mom are quasi-remodeling their home. It began with the re-finishing of the hardwood floors in the kitchen and has culminated in new can lighting throughout the house, as well as new paint and new carpet and a few cosmetic changes outside. Seriously, It's a different house now. There is so much light! I love it! Kya is not so sure about things being different, but I am sure she will get used t it. Something is always different every time she visits grandpa and grandma. Today, after I went to see the house, Robyn and I took Kya and Luke to the Christian Bookstore-The Mecca of all things Veggie Tales! Kya was overcome with delight, She ran straight for the Veggie Tales section and she kept squeling "Bob!" "Bob!" (For Bob the Tomato). I was pretty cute. She would pick out a DVD, talk to "bob" and then put it back. I wish I had had a video camera. ooohhh! Christmas is going to be so much fun.

In other news, I feel like poop. I have a nasty cold that set on pretty fast. Luke also has a nasty cold-possibly croup-I have to take him into the doctor's office tomorrow to make sure. The nurse said his symptoms sounded like croup. Kya is doing pretty decent. Just a mild cough and the sniffles.

Okay, it's off to make cheesecake and pumpkin pie


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