Spiralling Downward

Today has been a day likened unto the airshows of yester year-when pilot would perform death defying spirals toward the ground-only to rise upward at the last moment. Such was my day. From the moment we "took off" this morning at 5am, it has been a big downward spiral. I thought getting out of the house would help. um, nope. This just made my battle public for all to see. Finally, at around 3:45...I put Luke down balling his eyes out because I couldn't take the chaos anymore. Kya and I enjoed a calming round of the movie "Jonah" and just as I was out of things to entertain Kya...in walks my beloved Trevor. What an Angel of Peace he is! Today (while in the bathroom, because that seems to be the only place of quietness around here) I read in Phillipians about the Peace of God which transcends all understanding. wow...what a treasure this sections is. I kept repeaing the words "the Peace of God" all day to comfort me. It is amazing to me that on the very day I strive to glean from my bible study at length, forces attempt to work against the Holy Spirit in my life.


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