100 Things (Part Two)

51. I think Bob and Larry are Hilarious
52. I think Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone are worth watching
52. I really and truly like my in-laws.
53. My In-laws are self-sacrificing
54. I love Scrapbooking
55. I love blogging
56. I think the Jumperoo is an amazing invention
57. I hate doing the laundry when I live in an apartment.
58. I get my creativity from my mother.
59. I learned what it means to have integrity from my dad
60. I learned what it means to be a Godly woman from my step-mom
61. I love The Old Spagetti Factory
62. In the 12 years I have been going there (about once a month), I
only have ordered two things- The Spagetti with Clam Sauce or the Spinach Tortellini
63. I love the smell of a freshly lit Pall Mall Cigarette
64. That's what my mom used to smoke
65. It remind me of home
66. I love animals
67. i once wanted to own a pet rescue shelter
68. I once wanted to own a hotel in Las Vegas
69. I once wanted to write a book about Mobsters
70. I used to have a crush on Johnny Depp ( a la 21 Jump Street)
71. I used to have a crush on Richard Grieco (a la Booker)
72. I think Sean Connery is sexy
73. I love to hear my daghter laugh!
74. I think Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman alive (on the outside)
75. I think my sister and step-mother are one of the two most beautiful people (on the inside)
76. I love the beach
77. If I could go back to anytime in history, It would be the 19th century (a la Jane Austen)
78. I used to be obsessed with Romance novels
79. I wish I still sold Creative Memories Products
80. but only for the discount
81. I look forward to my husband coming home from work
82. He has never slept on the couch because of a fight
83. I hope that never happens
84. I am scared to death of sharing Christ with my children
85. And yet I count it a privelege
86. I need to share Christ more often
87. I don't know how to do my daughters hair
88. Coke from a soda fountain is the best way to drink it
89. But, coke from an ice cold can is a close second
90. Esther is my favorite woman from the Bible
91. I used to have acryllic nails
92. I wish I still had them
93. I have very soft skin
94. I think its my best feature
95. My favorite color to wear is blue
97. My favorite color in decorating is purple
98. Virtually nothing in my home is purple
99. My couch is blue
100. I love the smell of the perfme "273" and "Ysatis"


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