Freakin Amazing

Went to Disneyland tonight with Aaron and Alicia. And Kya and Luke. And not Trevor...so sad. Kya loved the fireworks and being with Kristiaan in the same stroller. Kya kept looking back during the fireworks to see if Kristiaan was enjoying them too. We also saw Mickey and Minnie's house in toon town. There was only one official meltdown at the end of the night. She was a trooper for normally going to bed at 7pm. She stayed up til 11pm. I have a new strategy to end the crying/tantrums that I will have to work out here at home. Hopefully we can minimize the terrible in the "terrible two's". Not that she is terrible that often-just when she wants her way and doesn't get it.

Earlier today, she played "baby". changing baby's diaper, putting baby to bed, feeding baby in the high chair, reading baby a book. This kept her occupied for quite some time. It was cute to watch


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