Madamoiselle Artiste

Little Miss Kya is an Artist. She colors and colors and colors. Give her a pencil, a pen, a crayon or a marker and she is content to sit an color. Problem #1 with her hobby. She is prone to coloring not just on paper, but on herself, the carpet, the fridge, the walls, etc. We have taken preventative measures and we only let her color with special markers and crayons by herself. Everything else needs hawk-eye supervision. Problem #2, she has the most fun when you color with her. now, this is not usually a problem except when I need her to play by herself for any reason.

on a side note, she baked 5 dozen cookies with me today. It was a lot of fun! Especially because she got to sample the batter and the "booty". She kept saying "Coo-Kee". Her verbal skills have jumped another notch. I am noticing words like "brush" and "walk", "balloon" and "stop".She is beginning to combine more words like "mommy nite-nite" when she wants me to come lay down on a pillow on the floor. We were playing a tickle game yesterday and she kept giggling and saying "stop! stop!". She can now say almost all of the words and their corresponding sign language from the baby einstein video. She does and excellent "blanket". Right now she is putting on my shoe and saying "shoe...tight". so cute!

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  1. How cute is that?! Connor just started saying a few more words in the last week or two, but his are still pretty unclear. Like dight for light, bubba for button, gilk for milk. He's getting those consonants all mixed up!