Oh that blessed day of days

Christmas, It is a wonderful time. We come together annually to celebrate Christ's birth. Well, some of us, anyway. The big debate in my mind this year is how to approach the whole Santa Claus thing. I am not a fan of Santa. I mean he's okay, but Santa decorations are not for me. I want to explain Santa to Kya in the most loving and non-childhood-destroying way possible and still be true to Christ-and the true meaning of Chirstmas.

Life in these parts is a little on the crazy side. I am in major denial. I have not done the dishes in several days. Which sucks, considering I don't have a dishwahser. I have been going over to my parents house to help Robyn organize all her books. It is nice because we work a little, take a break, and then work a little more. I had a dream last night that the tree fell on the new piano and left a gigantic scratch on the top.yikes! glad it was only a dream!

Kya is obsessed with fruit snacks. every hour she comes up to me "'nack?" It's annoying. I am so not looking forward to the "Why" stage. I sure she will be filled with a ton of "why's " when it comes time to explore that side of life.

I am so looking forward to this saturday and Alicia's 9th Annual Chritmas Party. I still don't have a gift for the exchange. I am mulling over in my head what to buy. so many options!


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