Fibroid Deconstructed

For Some of you, you may just want to leave my blog now, as this may be just plain gross. Trevor and I found it very interesting. So, in case there are any of you out there..here you go...
Top Left: image of fibroid covered in a huge blood clot. the pink around the edges is my cervix. I was dialated to 7cm (likened to giving birth)
Top Right: backside view of Fibroid where the "stem" is attached to the uterine wall
Second Row, Left: Image after removal of fibroid (pretty clean!)
Second Row, Right and Third Row, Left: Image of another, smaller mass they discovered while removing the first one.
Third Row, Right: Image after removal of second mass
Bottom Row: Intrument/ Tool used in afore-mentioned removal. Dr. Linzey called it a "roller-ball" that he just rolled along the tissues to remove and cauterize (sp?).


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