Is it only January?

It is hard to believe it is only January with the kind of start to the new year that I have had. First the kids get the stomach flu. Then, I go to the emergency room for with excruciating pain...What do you know...a cyst on my left ovary had ruptured, only to discover that I also have one on my right ovary. Apparently this is not a huge deal-cysts go away of their own volition. What's not normal I have found out is if they stick (no pun intended) around for more than three months. Five days later, I am admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital to have a uterine fibroid removed that was descending down into my cervix! It was causing a lot of bleeding for me-more than what is normal-not to mention a terrible amount of pain! The kids were taken care of by my Mother-In-Law and her trusty crew (Mimi, Pappap, Uncle Tyler, Aunt Neille, & Grammy and Gramps). Saturday evening I was home and resting. The pain has been obliterated-Praise the Lord! Lingering, is fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. My doctor says this is due to not only having iron-deficient anemia, but also the amount of vitamins/minerals/medication I am taking. Trevor says I should be the poster-child for mother's with health issues. The whole experience went the way of "best case scenario" and they are going to continue to watch "everything" for the next few months to make sure all is still well with me.


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