On the other side of the Mountain

So, here we are. Still sick. Kya still has the bug. She is taking it still pretty rough. She won't drink anything but water. And will eat only nibbles of dry toast. I took her in to be checked out yesterday by the Doctor and get advised about what to do if it goes on for a long time. Her fever just ended yesterday, so that is a good sign. But she still is quite lethargic and has most all the other symptoms. Luke is nearly 100% better. On the flip side, I got a mild case of it....Not bad except that I have congestion and coughing and cramps from "that time of the month"-which since having Luke, they have been horrendous. So, I am trying to cope today with Trevor gone. My step-mom got it too-from coming over to help when the kids we sick.

I think maybe i need to investigate why my kids keep gtting sick so much. ugh!


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I catch up on your blog once in awhile when I read Alicia's. I just wanted to say that I really admire your strength in taking care of two little ones, and yet you are always sounding so upbeat and positive. You amaze me!

  2. Oh thank you for the comment and it seems like Kya is doing better. I hope that you are feeling better as well. I loved spending time with Kya and Luke this weekend, they are awesome and I know it is because you and Trevor do a great job raising them. Thanks for all you do and hope you are feeling better.