Self Inflicted Injury

Self Inflicted Injury
I cut myself last night with the scissors. I actually cut my knuckle. I was trying to undo all the twisties from one of Lukes new toys that was still in the box. And I decided, poorly, that I should cut the wire. and I didn't notice my knuckle on the other side. It was one of those cuts that doesn't hurt until about 5 seconds later. (like in the movies when someone gets stabbed and everyone gasps and the person says "what?" and then looks down at a knife in their stomach.) Well, it hurt like nobody's business and it still does. I have to keep a bandaid on it because otherwise everytime I bend my pinky finger the wound reopens.In other news, Trevor and watched "beauty and the geek" last night. That is some good television. so funny!

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Shelly - use super glue whenever you cut your hands - my Dr. told me and it works perfect. You would think it would hurt but it doesn't - when the air can no longer get to your cut - it stops hurting also, the glue stops water etc. from hurting. love, mom