A Throw Back to my Childhood (in more ways than one)

They say Coloring in a coloring book relieves stress. Well, I am about to go and see for myself. I could use a little stress relief.

(warning: the next pargraph may be too much information for some)

Kya developed the Stomach Flu (the same as Luke) earlier today. Incidentally exactly 24 hours after Luke. She is handling it as bad a he is. She doesn't get the concept to throw up into a bowl/toilet. In fact, every time she does, she has this poor look of fear on her face. I feel so bad for her!

Robyn came over this evening after Trevor went to work. It has been the longest two hours of my life! just continous vomit and other such nasty things.

The kids are both asleep. Luke is slowly on the mend. Kya, not so much. I know it is only a matter of time before I hear that not so pleasant sound and have to go rescue her.

well, I am off to color and sleep.

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  1. Hope the coloring helped and I hope the kids are better!