Apicture is worth a thousand words

After seeing a rather disgusting post-op photo of my uterus/ovaries/tubes/cervix. I am left to struggle for the words that best fit the moment...I am home now. My Childhood home that is. Ah, Yorba Linda (the Land of Gracious Living). I miss the way of life here sometimes. I love Whittier, but there is something about my hometown that comforts me and keeps me safe and warm. I have recalled that photo many times since being back home. i can't seem to get it out of my head. It brings to mind a sense of sadness, loss, and hope all at once. I am hopeful as I have said before for the future. I see it to be a bright one. filled with "gracious living" or "living in God's grace". I feel so cared for, watched over, protected and loved in His grace. I have seen God's grace play out in the lives and deeds of those who love me and I am left in awe of how He works His will. I never thought that I would be the topic of a prayer request in a bible study where I didn't know a soul. but that has been the case several times over since being diagnosed with Cancer. And I will never again take light the similar request for someone I don't know-for it has meant the world to me to know that so many were praying over my very life and were pleading the healing power of the Holy Spirit over my body. I will always pray for that "unknown" person.


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