Back with Babies

I am back at our apartment now and this week I have had help with them everyday. I didn't think it would be as hard as it is to get back to caring for them all by my lonesome. The healing process has been good, aside from some intestinal issues. Every now and then during the day, I will lean over and it will pick me "just so" and I remember that I just had surgery two weeks ago! The girls that are helping me are great and they love playing with the kids. My in-laws took Kya and Luke for the two weeks I was recuperating at my parent's house. I feel indebted to so many people! Alicia, My Step-Mom, My Mother-in-Law, all the people in vista who cared for the kids, Melody, and joni and all the People who are bringing us meals. Our Church has been awesome, and we would not be in this great situation without them! I am amazed at how just being around the kids can make me tired! Even when Luke was first born, I don't remember being this tired!! Kya is jibber-jabbering up a storm. Yesterday at Lunch she said "God Made Me..." Talk about melting my heart! She says Kitty, Puppy, Bunny, Bird, scary part, fish, bug....It's crazy. My neighbors have even taught her how to count to 5 and in spanish! Luke is walking with help and it is amazing to see his cognitive development flourish. He is such a charmer. He now can move his hand is a grasping formation as if to to say "I want.." It's hard not to remember that I can't just pick them both up!I am looking forward to feeling more myself soon.

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  1. I'm so glad you get to be back home now!!