drained...but full of hope

I am so full of hope today! I was welcomed at MOPS with tons of well wishes and love and prayer! It was overwhelming. I also got up in front to speak of what I am going through and I was shocked at how it affected me. I thought it would be no big deal since I had been talking about it freely with those around me. But to actually get up in front of a group and speak the words aloud-I was shaking! And then the women prayed for me. I am still a little bit in shock-like it was this other woman whom I also know, but not me. How wierd is that? I was totally drained after that.
I came home and fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps and then trevor came home and gave me $20 to go get a pedicure. what a treat! It was relaxing! I was also able to get a ton accomplished tonight in terms of purging some needless papers and such that have been accumulating around the house, in the car and in the diaper bag...It feels good to purge.

I took down all the christmas cards I hung up over the holidays. I feel extremely sad that we did not send one out. It was a great desire of mine all season long. I was also hoping to get a new years card out in place of the christmas one we did not send. not sure that is going to happen either. but I am hopeful. In place of the christmas cards, I have hung up all of Kya and My birthday cards as well as all the "thinking of you" cards I have recieved from the news of my cancer. It brings me joy to look up and see them hanging there!

God is so good!


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