The God Who Heals

I am back from my post-op doctor's visit with amazingly wonderful things to report! First, Thank you to everyone who has been praying post surgery. I have had a rocky recovery out of the hospital. But I seem to be doing well now. I had the staples removed from my incision. (ouchy!) and they leave little red dots peppered up and down the scar. not so pretty. I also have excellent news on the pathology front. There is NO MORE endometrial stromal sarcoma in my body! woo-hoo! The doctor said that there was a teensy bit left from the original fibroid that was evidenced on the inside of my uterus. but he said it was minute and that with the removal of the uterus it is gone! woo-hoo! Also, the was one particular abnormal result that they were looking for in the connective tissues that they did not find. So this means no further treatment is necessary. Another woo-hoo! I had been mistakenly prescribed a hormone pack which I had been hesitant to take given my doctor's instructions about it in the past and I am soooo glad that I waited because estrogen is a specific risk for my cancer alone. With all other forms of gynoncologic cancers it is okay to take estrogen, except endometrial stromal sarcoma. whew! I am so glad I didn't take any!! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful report. Praise Him for being the God who Heals and the God Who Comforts.

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  1. Michelle, I'm glad to hear everything went well and that they got all of the cancer. I will be continuing to pray for you. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you, even though I'm miles away. A specific prayer request, etc.