Onward and Upward

Well, the "Pre-Op" testing is complete for my surgery on the 7th. It wasn't the worst of experiences, but not the best either. The reason for my surgery is written plainly on all my paper work, so everytime I went in for a new procedure, the person admitting me kept saying "I'm so sorry" or " I hope it goes well for you". I have conflicting emotions over this because at first I was bothered, almost embarrassed about it and I kept responding with "it's okay" when really it isn't okay. After a day of thought I have come to ask my self a question... "What did I expect them to say?" Somehow, "Sucks for You!" just wouldn't cut it either. So, I have set in my mind to extend grace to those in my life and those I just meet. Like Betty. She was my "Pre-Op Buddy" We did all our testing right after one another and we waited together in each waiting room and came out at virtually the same time! She has to have knee replacement surgery on the 10th. She walks with a cane and it is extremely painful. I thanked the Lord that day that I was not in any physical pain from the cancer. I also thanked the Lord for allowing me to meet Betty to make the time go by a little faster. She asked what I was having surgery for and I said "woman problems". She just nodded her head and that was it. It was nice not to have to explain it all. So onward to the 7th I go, and upward I look for my strength.


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