A Few Observations

1. I am blessed with good friends.
2. I am glad Brenna left American Idol.
3. Luke melts my heart. He has the best smile.
4. My favorite line from Grey's Anatomy this week: "Baby Trumps Husband?"
5. Kya is a smidge spoiled (okay more than a smidge...).
6. Trevor is a great coach.
7. Kya can say the word "coach."
8. We are members of a loving church. They demonstrate the love of Christ.
9. We found out our freinds and fellow believers who live just down the street pay only $995 for a three bedroom. It's hard not to covet.
10. I hate Temper Tantrums.
11. Hopefully they are just a phase.
12. Kya loves "hammies". She ate her second "hammie" tonight and she ste the whole thing by herself. ("hammies" are hamburgers from Mc Donalds, which she affectionately calls "donalds" every time we see the Golden Arches).


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