Keyed Up

Trevor's Car (Well, my explorer) was "Keyed" by someone over the weekend. A big swipe on the driver side door extending to the back. THEN, today as I was getting something from my car I noticed that it happened AGAIN. This time a long swipe from the front tire all the way down towards the hood. IT stinks. It is totally noticable. It is probably a high schooler at Whittier...Or, maybe someone doesn't like where we are parking at our complex...Not sure.


  1. What is WRONG with people??? Don't they realize how much money it costs to fix something like that??? Seriously, the things people do, it's a wonder we have what little order there is in the world! Mad for you....

  2. That's crazy! I can't believe it happened even once (well I can) but twice!! I hope insurance will cover it??