Making the Switch

Trevor and I recieved some formula as a sample and I decided I would give it a try with Luke. I was sort of in a bind at the time. Well, He loves it! He loves it more than Nestle Good Start. I think it may be sweeter, although all formula tastes nasty to me (yes, I tasted it-i was curious). So, I think we may be switching to Similac. Who knew! I am a big Fan of Good Start. They have "comfort Proteins and it doesn't stain the clothes the way that other formulas do, but I think that Luke's preference wins me over. I just never thought Babies knew the difference. I have heard that some babies get used to the liquid form while in the hospital and can't switch to powder-but I didn't think there was much difference in the brand taste. It's weird to think Luke is also only a month away from Whole Milk! IT seems like just yesterday we were making that transition with Kya! Now Kya is drinking 2% Chocolate milk. She says "Cha-cho Milk"!


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