The bad vs. the good

The bad news....

my CT Scan results came back negative for my pelvis. But, they came back positive for my lungs. They found two 3mm spots on my lungs that have a 50% chance of being cancerous and 50% chance being just a horizontal view of a blood vessel. I had to have a PET Scan today to settle the issue and once those resluts are in I will know more. The bad news: obviously...that there might be more cancer. The good news: If it is cancer, then the spots are really small and totally treatable. If it's not cancer: sweet! I will know more in a couple of days. In related news: I can't be around Kya this evening because I am of all things radioactive!!! They say if I hug her, I could make her infertile! Yikes! So I am stearing clear of my precious little ones tonight.

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