Making the Switch

I sense a few transitions in our families future....

1) Potty-Training for Kya (Yesterday marks incidence #4 where poo-poo has made it's way outside the diaper and into the hands of a little one-and I am fed up with it!)

2) No more Nuby soft spout sippys for Lukie Boy. They keep leaking because he chews the top so hard (hurray for teething). A least the Playtex ones won't spill. I will have to take better care of them (they cost more!)

3) Cross Country Season (Sept. begins the CC season where daddy is gone in the evenings...we have to make time during the week to see him once the school year starts.)


  1. I love hearing about the stages transitions your children are going through! It's given me a little heads up about what to expect. All though gosh, I feel like I know nothing.

  2. Transitions are fun.... without even knowing you however,

    Transition would be a time or moments where you yourself will experience a change. Once again you have a beautiful family.