The Sanity of a Nice Clean Kitchen

Today was a pleasant day. Pleasant, as in, not much happening, but just a great day. It all started when I woke up and decided to tackle the rest of the nastiness in my sink (also known as: the dishes). by 8:30 the house was picked up, the kitchen had a little gleam, the kids were dressed and ready for the day. by 9:00 am I was out the door to a myriad of errands. The children were well behaved at every store (amazing!). And by 11:30, I was home making lunch and cleaning up after myself (this includes hand washing all of the lunch prep dishes) to keep my kitchen gleaming. By 12:30-1:00 the kidlettes were snug as a rug and down for naps and my friend Alicia arrives for a lunchtime visit. It was so nice to relax with her and just hang out. And for once we can do it at my house and I don't feel swallowed up by the apartment. I made lunch for us. we sat around and talked. Kristiaan discovered a puzzle. Trevor came home during that time and it is always a good thing when I am not waiting around for him to relieve me of my motherly duties. The kids awoke. There was the potential for disaster when Luke woke up. He just seemed out of sorts. A little motrin did the trick (his teeth are still bothering him these days). So after the kids got up, Trevor and I did some more errands. Note to self: must tell husband how much I appreciate his willingness to tag along to a scrapbook store and not complain. We supped at "donald's" where Kya enjoyed a mcnugget feast and the local "playplace". Then we stopped off so I could work for an hour at the Gymboree clothing store stuffing flyers in bags. We went home. we read a story to the kids, put them to bed. and then it was more kitchen upkeep and prep for our semi-traditional saturday morning breakfast. this week it's coffee cake (a la bisquick). Last week was pancakes. The week before that was waffles. We also broke out a new coffee- Don Francisco's Cinnamon Hazelnut. Just smelling the grounds is heavenly. Then I worked a little on some craft projects and now I am here...writing on my blog. What a pleasant, pleasant day.

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  1. Great blog Michelle and you have a beautiful family.