A Moment 4 Years in the Making

Well, almost fours years...More like 3 years and 8 months! Trevor and I were scrounging around the kitchen two nights ago....We "scrounge" when there isn't any noticable "dinner" to make per say, but we know there is food in the cupboards. So there we are, scrounging. Luke is in bed, Kya is watching Veggie Tales and we are scrounging. I cut up some apples and some cheese and suddenly I get a craving for popcorn. (side note: apples, cheese, and popcorn is a Sybert (trevor's side) Family Tradition on sundays nights.) We used to have this "meal" a lot when we were first married. Alas, there is no microwave popcorn (the only kind I know how to make!). I am practically drooling by then and I have to have it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember that we got a "stove top popcorn" set for our wedding circa 2002. I go hunting for it. Mind you, we have kept it for almost four years and never used it! We almost gave it away...but at the urging of Alicia I decided to keep it. So there we are slaving over a hot stove with our popcorn and it was so much fun! The four year old popcorn was a tad stale, but it didn't matter...it still tasted pretty good! And we had our apples, cheese, and popcorn dinner!! It was a sweet moment!


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