Things That Are Good

Things that are Good....
(also known as: Things I Like...)

Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream.
My Children Belly Laughing
My Children Belly Laughing at Slapstick Humor
My Children Belly Laughing at Each Other
$5 Pizza from Little Caeser's
Pizza and a can of coke for dinner
Being able to put make-up on in the car while your husband is driving
The way my son looks like an old man when his hair gets rumpled.
(I call it "old man hair")
Folex Carpet Stain remover (stuff works like a TV Infomercial)
Label Makers
Christmas Parties
Costume Parties
Cookies from Cake Mix
The Bible
God's Faithfulness
God's Provision
Gummy Bear Vitamins


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