Night Owl

I have become a night owl. ahhh, the sweet joy or remembering my youth. I used to stay up, even when I was little, until all hours of the morning and then I would sleep in reeeeallllly late. I loved it then. Now, though, with children, I seem to be paying a high price. I can't sleep in, so this provides for a cranky morning (unless there is caffeine involved). Sinfully, thoughts like "can't you just get your own breakfast?" run through my head. Ultimately I have to remind myself that God has called me to be a mother for a reason and that yes, I do enjoy it. And if I slept in everyday, I would miss half of my children's lives (besides they would probbaly tear my home to shreds!)

Potty training is seriously right around the corner. the girl can strip down and sit on the pot all by herself, now it's just a matter of actually going.


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