Overcome By the Madness

So, how many of you out there participated in the post-turkey-day-shopping??? Well, I decided to get up at 6:00am and head off to joann's fabrics with my Mother-in-Law. And then to Target. And Toys R' us. And....wait that's it. We ended up going back to JoAnn's the next morning because the deals were so good! I got a few things for the kids and lots of crafty stuff for my MOPS group. I love a good deal.

Kya's 3rd birthday has been almost solidified. We are going to do "Under the Sea At Gymboree" and make it a fun day at Gymboree Play and Music with an Ariel the Little Mermaid twist. This works out nicely because I recieve a discount for working at Gymboree! woo-hoo! And all I have to do is show up with my cake and drinks and they handle the rest! A sweet deal if you ask me!

ahh.....Christmas time. my favorite time of year. It really is magical. I am huge on traditions and this season has so many!!! And I can't wait to start experiencing it through the eyes of my children. Kys already calls Santa "Ho-Ho" and anything with a tree or snowman, or ornaments is "Creh-mass"...In fact, she begs me to walk down the seasonal aisle of any store to oooh and ahhh over all things "creh-mass" It's priceless.


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