the 4.5 ft tree

well, our apartment is loking a lot like Christmas. And this is great for the morale around here. The kids stare at the tree in wonder for long periods of time and Kya tries to discover all of the ornaments and asks me their names. it's so precious. Life around here is getting complicated (more on that later) and resting in the peaceful atmosphere of Christmas is so comforting. It's my favorite holiday/season. And watching the season unfold through a childs eyes is magical. We have a little 4 and a half foot tree and it's loaded with ornaments and it's so cute! this little petite thing that lights up our living room! And coupled with our fireplace, oh, I just love spending time here!

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  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    You make my heart so glad - I can't imagine putting myself out there like you do with your journaling so public, but I do admire it and I am enjoying it so much - thanks, mom