The Office and other musings

Trevor and I have recently gotten into watching The Office which usually airs on NBC on thursdays at 8:30. we actually have been watching the season DVDs which are out. we are almost done with season two. We love this show. i haven't laughed out loud at TV this much in a really long time.

speaking of having a good time...We had a great Christmas! Lots of hanging out with friends and family and getting to discover "aweal" (ariel) through the eyes of our sweet Kya-girl. "wookie" (luke) as benjamin mink calls him has developed by leaps and bounds in the last month (yes, it has been awhile since I have blogged!). He can now say "Mee-Mo" which is "Nemo" and he is my little cuddle bug.-some might confuse this with "momma's boy" but I am in denial at this stage! I just love having him with me-he is so precious! Our little Kya bear is growing and I think dangling the possibility of ballerina classes in front of her may get her to be potty trained. we shall see!!!

Trevor is already starting to coach and the season hasn't even officially started yet!! he is doing so geat and really loving it. you should hear him talk!!!!! It make me smile just writing about it!

I had to give my testimony today at MOPS. I was so nervous. I had a raging headache afterwards (probably the release of tension). But it went pretty well. I am looking forward to the MOPS retreat and just being with the ladies on the leadership team and actually getting some "girl time" in.


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