making eggs for little mouths

My children's favorite breakfast meal is scrambled eggs. I think they would have it for lunch and dinner too if I let them! Well, this morning I dragged myslef out of bed to make the little ones breakfast and of course they wanted eggs. We have a saftey gate preventing entrance into the kitchen (mostly so i can have some peace while preparing meals.) Often, the kids like to stand at the gate and badger me to let them in. Today was no different. Except in the delivery....

Kya: what are you making mommy?

Me: eggs for you.

Kya: for me?

Me: yes.

Kya: I help you.

Me: no sweetheart, mommy needs to make these by herself

Kya: But I want to be with you...

Wow. I mean wow. What a treasure that was to hear! So I let her help me stir the eggs and watch me scramble them and she got to carry her own plate to the table. It was pretty fun! Of course anything Kya does, Luke has to do too...So I let Luke help me stir (I carried his plate).


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