Catching up

Many adventures have taken place since I last posted....I won't bother to relay all of them to you, that would take quite awhile. I will, however give you an update on the family. Luke is learning more words everyday. he loves to sing songs and dance and the backyardigans are still his favorite TV show. Kya is a watch and a delight to interact with. She loves life and can't wait to experience the next thing that comes her way. She is still mastering the potty, but it is going very well. She is our little princess-dancing and twirling and wearing crowns-she loves to play dress up. Memorial day was spent down at Trevor's folks house and lots of fun with everyone down that way. Our most frightening moment came when Luke decided to get in the "adult" pool at the LW Resort all by himself and hang on the edge with his little bald head barely visible. I thought I would have a heart attack right there! Luckily he just kept hanging on till we got to him.

In other news, Trevor is on the hunt for a teaching job, he has completed his masters classes and has taken all his tests, he needs only do his student teaching...so we are offering up praises and prayers to God to direct us in the right path.

life in our new house is AWESOME. it has changed my life!! dishes and laundry and cleaning are all getting done!!!! woo-hoo!


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