Packing, Packing, Packing....

So, it's been a little bittersweet this week as the children are with Trevor down at his parents and I am home....packing and sorting, and tossing, and packing, and packing, and sorting, sorting and packing some more. I have had some amazing help this week-Aaron and Alicia and Valerie-thank you so much!!! I can't believe that Saturday is our big day! I will miss this great city called Whittier and I will miss my little treasure of a house. Built in 1903, this house has some character: glassed-in front porch that slightly leans forward, 1951 O'Keefe & Merritt Range, Claw foot tub with hand held shower spigot, a "service porch" of the kitchen and original hardwood floors in the main living space. (disclaimer: horrible plumbing and Termite damage make it okay to leave.)


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