The Urge to Purge


1. get rid of opponents: to remove opponents or people considered undesirable from a state or organization

2. remove something undesirable: to get rid of something undesirable, impure, or imperfect

this weekend has been all about getting rid of stuff and not accumulating anything! we are packing up the house getting ready to move down to Vista and it actually feels good to be letting go of so much stuff. A LOT of it is papers and memorabilia and old birthday cards from High School. Before now, I wasn't ready, but I guess it just seems like the right time. My memorabilia is connected to my emotions and so getting rid of stuff sometimes felt like i was saying that experience didn't matter, when in fact it did. It helped to do it alone and not have anyone say "how many copies of your wedding invitations do you really need ( saved 10, threw away a 10). If it were up to Trevor I think we would get rid of everything! So far, 1 box is half full with momentos. we shall see what tomorrows purging brings!


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