a million miles a minute

My mind is racing right now. There are so many things I want to blog about! So much is going on! So much that is on my mind.
So let me start by saying that I miss my dear friend Alicia. She is due any day now with her baby boy and I feel sad that I am missing the "everydayness" of her journey. I miss her company too...sitting on her couch and watching the food network or pouring through magazines and talking about our lives. hopefully, there will be more times like those for us soon!
Also, my "Seize the Summer" commitment came and went and like many of my fellow Seizers", I dwindled off and failed to remain committed. 12 weeks came and and went and I barely made it past the half way mark before I decided to choose my "busy" life over my growth in the Lord. Incidentally, my daily time with him has also dwindled since we have been in transition from Whittier to Vista. This past Spring I was soaking in God's truth like a sponge, pondering, seeking, asking questions, and studying His word. what has happened to me? I haven't sought Christ-His word with Joy in my heart in weeks! Last week we had to do "homework"for our Growth Group and I did it and felt warm fuzzies that evening- but am I taking it seriously? Am I choosing to Love God-to the point of sacrifice? Is my life transformed? Are people stopping me to ask me what is so different about me-so hat I can tell them about the Love of God?
another thing that has me pensive latley is my relationship with my beautiful daughter. She is in preschool and really enjoying it. She comes home having learned about the weather and fall and the leaves changing and she is thriving off the routine. She also comes home with a bit of an attitude. This is new for her. And I am not sure if it is directly related to preschool, but it takes me all the next day to correct the behavior before she goes back. I have been thinking that perhaps it is related to not being with her as much. Well, I decided today after church to take her for an afternoon of mommy and me time. It was a really sweet time. Hopefully she can know that she is safe and secure in my love for her.
well, I am going to end this long post now and go to bed.

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  1. Hey Michelle,
    I don't think you should be so hard on yourself. We have times in our lives where we spend more one on one time with the Lord and other times, all though we may not realize it, that we spend time with him in different ways. For example, I'm sure spending quality time with our children is just as pleasing to the Lord as doing a study or praying. So, I think that you have been on track the whole time, you just didn't know it! =)
    Just my thoughts and opinions!