In Memorium: Mary Mykle

This is the eulogy I gave for my mother who passed away on February 10th.

Mary Mykle Maynard

As I speak today, I speak for myself and my older brother Travis who could not be here.

On my mom’s gravestone it will read tender in heart and gentle in spirit. This sentiment captures a part of her that is very dear to me. It calls to mind all of her good qualities: She was a kind, caring, sweet hearted woman who had a free spirit and loved a good garage sale. She had a compassion for others that moved her to action. She was a friend to those in need and often gave of her own belongings to meet the needs of others. This compassionate heart also made her an excellent nurse. I can remember growing up and feeling so comforted by her care for me when I was sick. This sensitivity also gave way to an ability to perceive others joys as well as sorrows. She knew how to enjoy life, how to allow the sunshine to grow warm on her back. She wasn’t afraid to feel the earth between her fingers and create a magical world with what she had right in front of her. She was beyond creative; beyond talented. She could look at a rusted piece of metal and finds 10 different uses for it. She also loved to read. A lot. J

Her gentleness, I believe came from a life seasoned with hardship and struggle. She learned very quickly how to adapt. A friend once wrote a glowing tribute to her and my mom had it framed and sitting in her living room. The title: Diamond-Studded Alley Cat. And although I do not have it with me to read today-it was a compelling description of my mom’s struggles. My mom had battles in her life that I will never fully know. As the years have progressed, I would call her more a broken-winged sparrow than an alley cat or even risen phoenix. She was so delicate and fragile, and her desire to experience life sometimes outweighed her capacity. Nevertheless, God had His hand on her.

God has brought many loved ones to her side. Some she pushed away and others she clung to. She was blessed to know more than a few people who cared deeply for her. Most of you are here today. She spoke of the man of her life (Mike) with such love and kindness. I don’t think I ever heard her say a bad word about him. He let her be who she was and loved her for it. And I know how much she loved me, because she told me every time we spoke. Here are a few things I learned from her:

-How to make someone feel special


-a flare for the dramatic

-of course, how to be a good nurse

Continually throughout her life she needed grace, the grace of God and the grace of those that loved her. If mercy is not getting what we do deserve, then Grace is getting what don’t deserve. At times we all need a little grace.There is so much more I want to share with you, all the details, and I know that what I have shared with you is only a fraction of what can be said about her. I hope you have gained a little insight, a different perspective on who my mom

was. She was my mom and I loved her very much.

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  1. Michelle, I'm so sorry about your loss. Your tribute you your mom was so elegant and touching. You are in my thoughts and prayers.