Slow to start.....

My business is off and at a puttering pace. I made 10 cards, and our church bookstore agreed to sell them on a consignment basis-which means 0 profit upfront. That's okay, I just want to get my product out and seen and he gave me a little marketing advice for cards and handmade items. He said in upscale places like La Jolla, my cards would retail for 10.00!!!! So, needless to say, I am going to go down to La Jolla soon to boutique shops and see what happens. He was affirming of the product, stating they looked well made and well packaged and cute (his words). So, now I have to get a business liscence, seller's permit, and business cards. All of that is the part that I am the weakest at and frankly it scares me to be responsible for it all, but we shall see how it goes. I guess if it flops, it flops. In other related news, there is a popular company that sells blank cards and stationary called Lady Jayne Ltd. So , I have after much thought and brow furrowing decided to change the company name to Everyday Moments. I think it rings nice.


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