Luke's Birthday and other news

So, Luke's birthday came and went and I now get to call him "my three year old" and now I get to say I have a 3 and 4 year old! geesh! We have quite a few friends and family over last Saturday for his birthday his Auntie Neille made an amazing Rocket ship cake and we devoured Chicken salad and crab salad sandwiches. This played until they were exhausted! There were some sweet moments, like Luke blowing out his candles before the end of "Happy Birthday" and seeing my dad get down on the sidewalk with Kya and draw with chalk. I made a board for him showing the guests how he had grown over the last three years. and we did a growth chart guest book where all the kids and some adults got to measure their height and stick a star with their name and height up on the chart. It was pretty fun to see all the kids get into it. All of Luke's presents were so thoughtful and each one he has been playing with a lot. He just trades off ever few hours as to which one he likes best. Particularly fun for me was the chance to get to visit with all of my friends from Orange County. I realized how much I miss their company and fellowship and what wonderful friends they are to make the trip down. Thank you!!!! In other news my business is going well. I have made a batch of 10 more cards and hope to sell some of those online. I have an Etsy shop at www.everydayhandmade.etsy.com and am selling a few right now. I have my seller's permit and business liscence and apparently I need a permit do do business out of my home here in Vista-so I have that too! I am exploring all avenues to sell and am enjoying the process. I am able to take it at a slow pace which is good for someone with two preschool age children. I am fortunate in that way. Creating and design cards is such a creative release for me...It helps the "over focused" part of my ADD get a chance to rear it's pretty little head. :) Gotta go now, Luke wants to put a box over his head and walk around like frankenstien.


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