This evening on my drive over to Little Ceaser's to buy some Hot-n-Ready Pepperoni Goodness, I was driving past a home where there was a for sale staked in the lawn with a big bank owned sign sitting on top similar to the one in the photo above. What I wasn't ready for was the family out in front loading several cars with their belongings, obviously vacating their home. I was instantly humbled and felt a deep compassion for this family who was about to lose their house. They had young children as evidenced by the swing and carseat and few toys, but it was the husband and wife who caught my eye....dejected and sad and moving really slow....I felt like stopping and saying "Hey, how can I help? What can I do?" "Can I help you move" "Are you hungry?Let me buy you dinner".

But I just drove on.

Update: I couldn't let myself say those words. So, after Trevor got home, I drove back to the house. They were just finishing up packing. I offered to help in anyway I could. Well, first, I asked did anyone speak English? One woman, the lady of the house came out and said "I do. Yes?" She said they were all done packing. I asked if they were hungry, would they like dinner. She graciously refused a meal. She said they weren't hungry. She said thank you for offering.

And then...tears were in her eyes as she told me a little of her story. She and her husband have three children, 11, 7, and 1 year old. She and her husband worked hard every day to provide for their family. They had an adjustable mortgage and and their payment was going up 100-200 dollars every month. Their last payment, that they could not make, was $3700 dollars. They were evicted. And when they returned, finally able to get back into their home....all of their valuables were stolen or taken by the bank...their TV, DVD Player...the kids video game players (an old Nintendo gamecube and a Play Station), their computer which had a large amount of personal information on it, they took her jewelry, earrings she had worn on her weddings day. She said that her husband reminded her that they were just possessions. But she was still sad. She said she was sad for her children, that they had things stolen from them. She said she spoke with her two oldest this morning, and they were excited to get their things back....only to have to call them earlier this evening and give them the bad news-all their things were gone. The woman told me the family was living with her sister and trying to find a place to live.

I expressed my sympathy. It felt hollow. There was so much pain for them! I then told them that I may be able to help them. I will be going to our church tomorrow to ask about our benevolence fund and bessech the church on this families behalf. "Could I get your name and number?" She walked in and tore a piece of cardboard off a box laying on the floor and wrote her name and number on it and handed it to me.

"Celicia. My name is Celicia."
"Mine is Michelle. I'll see what I cna do."
"Thank you Michelle."

With that I walked back to my car. Got in.
Drove home to a house where I didn't have to pay rent.

If you would like to help Cecilia and Mauricio, I have set up a button in the top right corner of this blog where you can make an online donation to help them. Any money I receive online will be put into gift cards to Vons and Walmart. Please help me help them.

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  1. We are praying for this family, Michelle. We also donated. Love that donate thing you added...so neat. Love you guys.