Falling Asleep

Last night marks the second night this week that I have involuntarily stayed up past 2:30am. Is it stress? Is it worry? Is it caffeine? Is it my insatiable need to scour the internet for clever websites and fun ideas for the kiddos? Maybe its a little of all of those things which an emphasis on worry. Whatever the cause I was in misery for a good 4 hours. Try as I might, no single remedy "did the trick". Here is a breakdown of the many ways I tried to cure my Insomnia.

1) Hot Shower: Nothing like a relaxing shower to calm you down, relax and put you in the sleepy mood.
2) Deep Breathing: from my days in college, learning to breathe from your diaphram and taking slow purposeful breaths. Essentially the idea is that you are focusing on the breathing, so you forget about your stress.
3) TV: When I was younger this was more effective-now I just want to watch one more episode of CSI
4) Book: Books always make me sleepy. this almost worked until I climbed back into bed. Then I was back at square one.
5) ABC's of Hymns- My paternal great grandmother used to scroll through as many hymns as she could name when she couldn't sleep-starting with A until she became sleepy. I used worship songs...I got pretty far, but it wasn't working.
6) sleeping on the floor- finally I crawled onto the floor with a blanket, desperate that maybe a change of habitat might seal the deal.

and it did. I fell asleep sometime after 3am. and awoke promptly at 7am to the soft whispers of my son "mommy.....mommy....time get up.......moaningtime (morningtime) mommy."

What are your tricks when you can't sleep? Leave a comment if you wish.


  1. I know it's kind of weird, but I take one Tylenol (NOT Tylenol PM), and it relaxes me enough that I fall asleep in about 30 minutes.

    That's what I use, and I only use it if I've had too much caffeine or I'm particularly anxious about something exciting happening the next day or something. :)

    It's a bummer when you can't sleep, especially with little ones! :)

  2. Caffeine and acetometaphin (sp?)actually work together to combat headaches. The caffeine aids the medicine getting to head and working faster. That's why Excedrin is the "headache medicine" because it contains both acetometaphin and caffeine. Whereas Tylenol only contains acetometaphin. But also Tylenol is not as harsh on the system

  3. Good to know. I knew there was a reason it worked pretty well for calming me down! :)

  4. Let's see, here are some of the things I try:
    -change of environment
    -look up topics of interest on the internet (this may be more what I do to help to occupy myself, rather than it actually helping me fall asleep =)/
    -eat a little carbohydrate
    -sit and watch TV for awhile and then turn down the volume to where I can just barely here - I suppose it's like white noise, and then I find the flickering light soothing) -I did this a lot when I was pregnant. They last month of my pregnancy I suffered a lot of insomnia. I spent most nights on the couch.

  5. Julie-that's exactly what I used to do with the TV-turn the noise down and turn over facing away from the TV....It's peculiar, but soothing.

  6. I know isn't it strange, but it is soothing!