Homemade Tabletop Sandbox

I was inspired by Amanda at Kiddio to think up a "boycraft" for Luke. Something that touched all his boy sensibilities and a way for him to explore something new. So here it is- A Homemade Tabletop Sandbox! It went over with little man fantastically! Because I also have a girl, I made a duplicate box for her.

Supplies: 5lb (or less) bag of sand from Toys R' Us. (might be at Walmart too)
Disposable 13x9 Aluminum Pan with clear lid.
Some water to make the sand pliable
Lots of little figurines, trucks, etc.
Small containers for making castles (measuring cups, miniature containers)
A child size fork and spoon (for raking the sand and filling cups)
An excited child ready to get their hands dirty

Here are some action shots:

And of course, the Yellow Power Ranger had to get in on the action:
update: the cousins came over tonight and they wanted to play with the sandboxes too! I am thinking of transferring the sand to a more permanent container only because the idea was such a success. Also, I let the kids play with it outside, but for indoor use i might lay down a trashbag under the chair to catch any inevitably straying sand particles.

All in all, good times.


  1. Wow, Connor would totally love that, too! I remember at one of Josh's events at WCHS, they used buckets of sand as a tropical centerpiece. But by the end of the evening Connor had the whole bucket of sand spread on the table in front of him, driving his cars through it, just like Luke.

    I tried the muffin tin thing for dinner... no such luck. Connor greeted me with "I don't like that" for 4 of the 6 different items! =P

  2. So creative, Michelle. Love it.