A Light in the Darkness

The kids got these "light-sabers" at the dollar store on Monday and we went outside with the cousins to see what they looked like in the dark. It was beautiful! Even something that only cost a dollar still looked spectacular in the darkness. I thought of the children's song "This Little Light of Mine." and how we teach our children not to hide their light "under a bushel" and to not let Satan blow it out" Oh how I need to be aware of this in my own life! Here are a few musings about light:

light is a beacon for those lost in the darkness
light guides
light reveals
light repels the darkness
light makes known the secret things hidden from others
light provides clarity

May we all live out "This Little Light of Mine" to our children and to all those around us. May they be drawn to us because of our love for God and our Love for others.

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  1. Amen, Michelle.
    Just found your blog through Facebook and blessed by your entries.
    God bless,