No Need for the Sunday Paper

Instead of the Sunday Paper, here is some of my afternoon readings:

Dandelion Mama made these adorable Birthday Banners, looks easy enough, even for those who aren't experienced sewers (or sew at all! like me *wink*).

No Time for Falsh Cards
painted with bath poofs this week, and I can't wait to try that with the kidlets! Looks like fun!

Playful Learning has a great idea for celebrating your children on their birthdays. Also check out her post for Alphabet Photography.


  1. I love this site. I must say, though, watching this mom makes me feel so inept as a mother. I hate doing crafts with my kids. I make myself, but it's always waterpainting or markers and crayons and scissors. This mom goes above and beyond. Her 21-month-old knows all the letters of the alphabet!!! What!?!?? She's definitely inspiring. Thanks for the post!!

  2. Oh, and I was talking about the "No Time for Flashcards" site. Great site.

  3. It makes me feel better that she was a preschool teacher. And its because she had so much experience that she can do it with her own kids. She is indeed inspiring